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Our Warranty information

For your peace of mind we offer a full 12 Month Guarantee on all of our standard Powdercoat alloy wheel refurbishments and a 6 Month Guarantee of all Diamond Cut alloy wheel refurbishments.

We’re so confident in our service, process and workmanship that after Powdercoat refurbishment, you will be provided with a special 12 Month Guarantee certificate. For a Diamond Cut wheel refurbishment, we will provide you with a 6 Month Guarantee certificate. The guarantee certificate will be provided to you after the work we carry out on your wheels has been completed.

Any guarantee provided for wheel refurbishment is only as valuable as the trustworthiness of the brand behind it.


Unlike mobile refurbishers, because the Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd operates from fixed premises, you’ll always be able to find us and we will always be there to handle any queries you may have.

Our guarantee certificates are also fully transferable, that means if you’re selling your vehicle on, your guarantee certificate can help to add to the cars value. People who are selling their vehicle have said that including a wheel refurbishment guarantee certificate can aid in securing the best possible sales price.

Terms & Conditions

Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd offers a guarantee on the finish of the wheel(s) worked on by Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd provided that no chemicals other than those provided by Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd have been used on the wheel(s) and that they have been subjected to normal road conditions only, i.e. no off road driving or damage caused by an accident. Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd shall judge whether to repair/replace/refund in such circumstances and their decision shall be final.

Claims under Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd guarantee are settled by free rectification (at Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd discretion) or a refund equal to the portion of the invoice price representing the unsatisfactory repair. Any refund or liability shall be limited to a maximum of the amount quoted upon the estimate or invoice.

The Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd will not be liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of a repair. It is incumbent on you to keep a receipt as proof of work carried out. Any warranty claim made without a receipt shall be at Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd discretion. Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

Steel Wheels and Split rims are not covered by Alloy Wheel Specialist Ltd guarantees due to the nature of their manufacture.

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